Am I A Candidate For Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Ask Dr. Marc Polecritti

Ask Dr. Polecritti: Am I A Candidate For Breast Augmentation Surgery?
Q. How do I know if I am a candidate for Breast Augmentation surgery? What type of implants do you offer? What is the downtime?
A. Breast augmentation surgery candidates are ladies who are happy with their breasts but wish them to be larger or fuller. Ladies who fall into this category can be of any age. Those who have significant asymmetry or have breast sag may require a breast lift in addition to an augmentation. Only an in person consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon can help guide you to the correct procedure.  We specialize in breast augmentation in both cosmetic and reconstruction circumstances.
Breast implant choices have grown quite a bit in the last 10 years.  We offer all of the current state of the art implants; including silicone cohesive gel (gummy bear) implants, contour implants and saline implants.  Each breast implant has its inherent benefits and negatives and the ideal choice of implant differs in patients depending on their own anatomy, breast measurements and outcome goals. Deciding which is the perfect fit for the patient captures the balance between the science and art of plastic surgery. 
Breast augmentation surgery typical takes about 1.5 hours to perform.  We prefer to perform this procedure in the hospital as an outpatient.  A full staff of nurses and a board certified anesthesiologist is part of the OR team in this setting.  This ensures that the utmost care is taken during the surgery and in the post operative setting.  Patients typically experience minimal pain that is controlled with oral medication taken for the first few days after surgery.  A custom fit surgical bra is provided post operatively and patients are to refrain from strenuous exercise or lifting for 4-6 weeks.  Most patients can return to work within the first week after surgery.

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