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Dr. Marc

Thank you for the wonderful work you do.
My face looks better and better.

A grateful Navy wife

Diagnosed with breast cancer, Met him for the first time I knew right away he was the plastic surgeon for me As he possesses a bedside manner that most surgeons, doctors etc. LACK. He is personable patient detail oriented with questions and answers and allows you the time you need to feel comfortable with your own decision . You GO Dr.

I came in for Botox and Juvederm injections and I’m leaving feeling very happy, content, and pain free!!

It’s not a painful procedure, it just pinches a little. Dr. Polecritti is a step above fantastic, and surely knows exactly what he is doing. Deana, his nurse, was wonderful and kept me calm.

I wouldn’t hesitate to come here again. In fact, I intend to have Dr. Polecritti perform an eyelid lift on me in the near future. May the entire staff be blessed by God; they are great!!

Joyce O.

Dr. Polecritti and staff,

Thank you so much for such a positive experience! I have been in the medical field for a while, and I know how hard it is to find a doctor who truly has time for you and really cares.

You are without a doubt the most down to earth plastic surgeon I have ever met.

Not only is Dr. Polecritti skilled! But talented as well (A true Artist). There are not enough words to express how happy I am with everything he has done for me. The GREAT thing is that I look so natural! Exactly what I wanted!!! I absolutely love my results!

Dr. Polecritti truly has a rare gift for helping people look and feel better about themselves. He is a true, honest Surgeon and a real asset to the medical community as well.

Thank you for making me look the way I feel inside, BEAUTIFUL!

I have found a diamond in the rough.

Mary M.

After having three children, it was time to take care of me. I hit my thirties and wanted to feel young and vibrant. I was lucky enough to find Dr. Polecritti and staff to guide me through my transformation.To date, I have had two separate surgical procedures including breast augmentation and liposuction of my outer thighs, lower back, and abdomen. Dr. Polecritti sat down with me and explained each procedure in detail and addressed any fears or concerns that I had.

There is something extra special about Dr. Polecritti….he has the passion and drive many other surgeons don’t have. It’s been 18 months since my last procedure and I feel the best I ever have. My self confidence has finally returned. I am now the happy, energetic mom I always wanted to be. Thank you Dr. Polecritti!!!!!!

Kara P.

For years I suffered from back and shoulder pain and chronic headaches. Doctor after doctor diagnosis was different. Finally I asked if the fact that my breast were quite large, could that be what is causing the discomfort. After discussing with my GYN and Chiropractor they suggested I explore a reduction of my breast. So I contacted Dr. Polecritti’s office for a consultation.

I was quite nervous but Dr. Polecritti and his staff made me very comfortable. He was very informative and explained step by step the process. It has now been almost a year since my surgery and believe me “this was the best thing I ever did”. I am more comfortable, do not suffer from the back and should pain like before and the headaches have subsided. Dr. Polecritti is a very gentle and caring doctor. He reinforces a very positive attitude. To Dr. Polecritti and staff “Thank you so much” I now feel better both physically & mentally and do love my new look.

Margaret G.