Chin Augmentation

What is chin augmentation?

It is quite common for patients to complain about their lack of chin prominence. This can be especially noticeable from a side or profile view. When the same person has a larger nose or less defined neck angle, the lack of chin projection can be even more magnified. Chin augmentation is the placement of a solid silicone implant onto your chin resulting in a better defined and more proportional profile.

chin augmentation

Where is the incision?

If the patient is undergoing this augmentation alone, the incision is placed within the mouth and there are no external incisions. If the patient is undergoing the procedure, in addition to a neck lift or face lift, then an incision under the chin is used.

Can the chin augmentation be combined with another procedure?

Is is very common to perform a chin augmentation in addition to a face or neck lift. When evaluating a persons facial proportions for symmetry and facial harmony, the nose and chin are key components. As a result, it is also common to perform the procedure while performing a rhinoplasty to address both areas.