Breast Implant Removal (Explant)

Implant Removal

When you underwent your breast augmentation procedure, you may never have given thought to the possibility of needing to remove your implants down the road. However, due to a few different conditions and problems, some women do make the decision to remove their breast implants. This procedure is often called an explant. Some follow up removal with a new augmentation, while others maintain their natural breasts. The choice is your personal decision, and Dr. Marc Polecritti at The Julian Institute of Plastic Surgery is here to help you make a fully informed decision and provide expert breast implant removal services.

Why Remove Your Implants?

Every year, about 40,000 women make the decision to undergo breast implant removal surgery, and you may be contemplating adding your name to that list. There are many different factors that might lead you to consider breast implant removal. Perhaps you received your implants from a different plastic surgeon and you are unhappy with the quality of your results. It’s also possible that you have changed your priorities and now wish to have bigger or smaller implants than you originally received. Life changes, which is why implants sometimes need to change, too!

In some cases, women experience health complications that can lead to the need for implant removal. Capsular contracture, for example, develops when internal scar tissue forms a tight capsule around the breast implant and contracts, forcing the breast to feel painful and stiff. This is not a common problem, as it affects only five percent of women with implants, but it’s important to recognize the symptoms nonetheless. Other potential implant issues include shifting, wrinkling, and rupturing. There are some women who are medically required to remove their implants in order to receive treatment for breast cancer.

What Should You Expect From Breast Implant Removal?

Dr. Polecritti is proud to be double board certified with extensive training and experience regarding breast implants and explants. You can trust that your breast implant removal procedure with Dr. Polecritti will be a smooth, safe, and successful process. You’ll receive anesthesia so that Dr. Polecritti can remove the scar tissue and your implants through the same incision used during augmentation surgery. He utilizes the En Bloc procedure that prevents any contamination of the capsule contents within the body.

You may also opt for a breast lift with your implant removal surgery, since your breasts most likely stretched and sagged over time. Dr. Polecritti can also replace your implants with newer, updated implants that are larger or smaller than your previous set. Call (352) 606-4754 now to schedule your consultation and learn more about how Dr. Polecritti can help you remove your current implants.      

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