Chemical Peels

chemical peel If the skin on your face looks aged or is dry, has fine wrinkles, colored areas or spots, a chemical peel may be the solution. Chemical peels remove the outer layers of dead and damaged skin allowing the newer, healthier skin to be exposed. A chemical peel is a generic term for many chemicals used for this purpose. Depending on the specific chemical used and it’s concentration, different depths of skin can be reached. As the  chemical peel gets to the deeper layers of skin, more of the age spots, pigment differences, and fine wrinkles get removed. The flip side is that the deeper the peel, the more recovery afterward. Many of the mild  chemical peels are quite tolerable in the office or spa setting and get repeated over a long time to eventually get the results you wish. The deeper peels achieve a quicker, more defined result but often require sedation and a sore and red-faced recovery period. Depending on your goals and commitment, The Julian Institute of Plastic Surgery can assist you in determining if a chemical peel is right for you. Please call us for a consultation.