What Is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Vaginal Rejuvenation

What is Vaginal Rejuvenation? Vaginal rejuvenation is a term that encompasses several procedures or combination of procedures which result in a more youthful and cosmetically pleasing private area. Vaginal rejuvenation can include; reducing the labia minora (inner vaginal lips), adding fullness to the labia majora (outer lips), removing excess tissue from the clitoris, liposuction to the mons pubis, or tightening of the actual internal vaginal wall. These procedures have been popular for years but have only recently been discussed more openly.

Who is a candidate? Ladies of all ages may be candidates. Every one has slightly different anatomy to start with and genetics, age, childbirth, weight gain and loss can all cause further changes to the genitalia. Many women choose to have these procedures due to discomfort with exercise, bike riding, horseback riding and other activities requiring tight underwear or pants.   Some comment on pulling or uncomfortable sexual relations. Others note asymmetry, emotional or self esteem concerns, or simply not being happy with the appearance of the excess tissue or loss of youthful volume.

What does the procedure involve/recovery? The specifics of the procedure are very individualized but can include; direct excision of labial skin excess, liposuction of areas of excess fullness, fat transfer to areas of hollowing or wrinkling, or tightening of the internal vaginal muscle and mucosa. Most of these procedures can be performed under local anesthesia in the office setting. Some women however choose to have these procedures done with IV or general anesthesia in a surgical center or operating room. In either case, patients go home the same day and typically have very little discomfort. Moderate swelling is typical and avoidance of strenuous or sexual activity for 4 weeks is recommended. Our patients can typically return to work or light activity in a few days.

For many years, open discussion about concerns with our “private parts” have been considered taboo. This mind set resulted in the avoidance of certain activities, and unavoidable uncomfortable encounters. Times have changed and vaginal rejuvenation can result in both physical and emotional self confidence. Vaginal rejuvenation is one of several areas Dr. Polecritti has extensive experience and specializes in.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Before & After Pictures

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