Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammoplasty)

Who are candidates for breast reduction?

Breast reduction surgery is indicated in patients who have larger than their desired breast size. Many patients find their breasts to be much too large and out of proportion to the rest of their body. Patients also complain of the excess weight as result of their large breasts. Having large breasts is typically an inherited trait that even diet and exercise can do little to change.

Will my insurance pay?

Medical indications for insurance coverage include: neck and upper back pain, breast pain, dermatitis beneath the breasts, bra strap grooving in the shoulders, and need to take pain medication and anti-inflammatory medication for the associated symptoms. Insurance companies generally mandate these criteria to be met, as well as a required amount of tissue that has to be removed; in order for the procedure to be medically indicated. Some patients that do not meet their insurance company’s criteria may elect to have the surgery cosmetically. This means that insurance does not pay for the procedure, and payment is made by the patient. If this is the case, less tissue can be removed so as to create a breast size suitable to the patient”s request.

How is a breast reduction performed?

The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis. General anesthesia is required. The most common incision is the inverted T or anchor incision. The procedure can take 3-4 hours. Many patients elect to stay overnight at the surgery center or hospital. The breast is reshaped once tissue is removed. The size of the nipple/areola complexes are also reduced in proportion to the rest of the breast. Most sutures are absorbable, but a few will need removed the following week. In patients with extremely large breasts, nipple grafting may be necessary.

What is the recovery period after breast reduction?

Pain is generally moderate, with most patients feeling better the next day than they did prior to the surgery. Oral pain medication is prescribed by Dr. Polecritti. Showering is generally permitted 24-48 hours after surgery. Driving is permitted one week after surgery. Patients are encouraged to take 1-2 weeks off from work. Exercise is not permitted for 3-4 weeks after the surgery. Patients are fitted with comfortable surgical bras to wear for several weeks after the procedure.

Breast reduction surgery is a very rewarding procedure. Patients are happy to rid themselves of excess weight and are thrilled with their new body contour and more youthful breast position.

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