Facelift Results

facelift results The facelift is one of the most time-tested plastic surgery procedures around. It remains popular as a solution to many signs of aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. So after undergoing the facelift procedure, you’re undoubtedly excited to show off your rejuvenated appearance. But how long after a facelift will you need to recover before unveiling the results? 

While the answer will vary somewhat from patient to patient, the recovery period after a facelift is usually much better than the patient’s expected, so it likely won’t be long before you’re getting compliments on your refreshed, lifted look. 

Healing After a Facelift

Bruising and swelling are to be expected after the facelift procedure. These effects will largely go down in the first several days following the procedure. The sutures are removed five to seven days after the procedure, at which point you can start wearing makeup again.

After the sutures are taken out, most patients also go back to work. At this point, some bruising and swelling will still be visible, but you’ll see improvement as each day goes by. Patients will often use makeup to reduce the appearance of the areas that are still healing as they start seeing friends and co-workers again. 

Showing Off Your Results

About three weeks after surgery, the results of the facelift will be visible. Bruising is usually gone at this stage, with some patients experiencing only slight residual swelling. At this time, most patients are comfortable showing off their facelift results and receive compliments on their youthful appearance. 

Big Events Post-Facelift

If you’re planning on attending a major event after a facelift, it’s wise to wait a little longer for the face to heal before attending. While the bruising and swelling will be gone, the scars may still appear a bit pink at the three-to-four-week mark. To ensure complete comfort and confidence, many patients wait around two months after a facelift to attend a big event, such as a wedding or gala. 

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