Recovery Guide

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Breast Augmentation Recovery Guide

Breast augmentation is a popular cosmetic procedure that helps women feel more confident and sexy. If you’re considering breast augmentation to achieve your desired look, you’ll likely want to learn more about the recovery process for the procedure so that you can prepare for the days and months following surgery. Here, we’ll cover a range of topics relating to breast augmentation recovery, ensuring that you know what to expect after this plastic surgery procedure. 


Breast augmentation is generally tolerated well by patients with little to no medication in the recovery process. If needed, your doctor will prescribe medication to help you manage discomfort and muscle spasms

“Dropping In”

Right after the procedure, the breast implants will likely feel very firm and sit high on the chest. In the month or two following the surgery, however, the implants will “drop in”, meaning that they will soften and settle on the chest, which creates a more natural look and feel. 

Implant Placement and Recovery

Your recovery process may vary somewhat depending on the placement of your breast implants. The submuscular placement refers to the placement of the implants under the pectoralis muscle and against the chest wall. When the implants are placed over the pectoralis muscle and under the breast tissue, it’s referred to as the subglandular placement. The submuscular placement generally requires a longer recovery process, although the difference is minor. 

Physical Activity

For a minimum of three to four days after breast augmentation, it’s important to avoid physical activity as much as possible. The breasts are typically swollen and tender in this stage. Most patients can return to work about a week after the procedure, but will still need to avoid intense physical activity. You can return to strenuous exercise and physical activity in four to six weeks after breast augmentation. 

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