3 ways to maintain your new tummy tuck [abdominoplasty]

After significant weight loss, many people want to complete their transformation with an abdominoplasty. After investing so much time and energy in shedding the pounds, they want their tummy tuck to be long-lasting. This might be the final step in the weight loss journey they have been waiting for.

Tummy tuck surgery should provide permanent results, but weight fluctuation can cause some damage. Weight gain or loss will compromise these results because the remaining skin of your abdomen will lose elasticity and start sagging. Therefore, you must take the proper steps after surgery to maintain lasting results.

Most people will get a tummy tuck to help with the aesthetic of their stomach. However, if a person gets the procedure done, they must make lifestyle changes to uphold their results.

If proper steps are not taken to maintain the results of the new Tummy tuck procedure, the results will not be permanent. Therefore, following the prescribed post-operative routine and scheduling follow-up appointments is vital. In addition, maintaining a healthy weight after surgery is critical for optimal healing and long-term results. If you are overweight or obese, changing your diet and exercise habits may be necessary to achieve optimal results.

3 ways to maintain your new tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)

Exercise regularly to maintain your new tummy (abdominoplasty)

Make sure you stay active to keep your tummy tuck results. You can start a regular workout routine or find new ways of staying busy such as running, jogging, walking, weight training, yoga, etc. The Key is a strong core, so work on making that core stronger by adding lots of core exercises like Pilates & Yoga.

If you maintain an active life, leading to a stable weight, you will achieve better tummy tuck results.

Commitment to a well-balanced and healthy diet

It will help to make better nutritional decisions to maintain your tummy tuck. A poor diet will not produce your desired results even with the best workout routine. Lean meat and vegetables are recommended for optimal bodily function during exercise.

Be sure to drink enough water and eat well. A healthy diet will not only help your tummy tuck, but it will optimize your health as well. Be mindful of what you consume–processed foods, sugar, beverages, and treats can be unhealthy.

You can follow Michele Garofano, our health and fitness coach at The Julian Institute for over 15 years, for some great advice and mentorship in your journey. She can help guide you on how to maintain an optimal diet and fitness regimen to keep your new flat stomach.

Wait until you are done having children if you can

For most women, pregnancy can have adverse effects on your tummy tuck after surgery. Pregnancy can weaken or separate the abdominal muscles that may need to be corrected with revision surgery.

What often ends up happening after pregnancy is that loose or saggy skin in your abdominal areas may progress after each pregnancy.

For these reasons, we advise against having a cosmetic procedure done if you are still planning for future pregnancies. If you are not sure about the decision, talk to your surgeon and see if this cosmetic procedure is a good choice for you.

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This before and after image show the success of a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) performed in Spring Hill, Florida.

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