Chronic Wound Treatment

Chronic Wound Treatment When Chronic Wound Treatment Fails

The human body itself is a miracle. We break bones, cut through our skin, and get any number of bumps and bruises in the course of a normal day. Yet with every injury, the body seems to heal itself with appropriate medical treatment. We take for granted that our bodies will always heal whenever trauma happens.

But for some, this healing miracle doesn’t happen. There can be a lot of different reasons for a chronic wound treatment to fail to close. Certain health conditions, medications, and nutrition choices can make it difficult for the body to heal itself. Sometimes a wound will fail to close even if no specific cause for healing failure can be found.

For people who have chronic wounds that won’t close, options can disappear quickly. There are many treatments to ensure that your wound doesn’t develop an infection or other complications, but the body cannot be made to heal. Some people are told that they will have to face chronic wound care for the rest of their lives. 

Fortunately, a plastic surgeon can open up avenues to you if you have a wound that won’t close. Plastic surgeons are able to perform more complex wound care treatment with surgical interventions. These surgeons can close your wound using skin grafts or flaps of skin, muscle, and tissue. When these grafts are made, the skin and tissue are taken from a healthy part of the body. Both wounds typically heal after this type of surgical treatment.

If you are suffering from a chronic wound that will not heal, you may have options available to you. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your appointment.