Before and After a Breast Lift Procedure

Breast Lift Procedure A woman’s body undergoes major changes as she ages, especially around the breasts. From childbirth and weight loss to hormonal fluctuation and aging, it can be frustrating to watch your body change and feel powerless to stop the effects. While you can’t stop your breasts from sagging and deflating, you can restore their perkiness and youthfulness with a breast lift procedure.

While a breast lift cannot make your breasts bigger – unless paired with an augmentation – a lift can efficiently restore the lift and shape that you took for granted when you were 18. Here is everything you should expect before and after your mastopexy procedure.

Preparing For Your Breast Lift

To begin the process of your breast lift, your plastic surgeon will evaluate your chest and confirm that you meet the standard signs of needing a lift:

  • Breasts sag because they have lost shape, volume, and become longer or flatter
  • Nipples fall below breast creases when breasts are not supported
  • Nipples and areola point downward
  • Areolae have stretched out of proportion with breasts
  • One breast falls lower than the other

Before your breast lift procedure, you will need to stop smoking (if needed), avoid medications like aspirin and herbal supplements that increase bleeding, and arrange for someone to drive you home after your procedure and stay to help you during your initial recovery. Your plastic surgeon will help you understand realistic expectations for your procedure and guide you through the surgical preparation.

What Will I Look and Feel Like After My Breast Lift?

Overall, the results of your breast lift will be younger, perkier breasts that help you feel more confident about your body. Since a breast lift removes extra skin and shifts all tampa breast augmentation tissue into a firmer shape, it’s possible that your breasts will look slightly smaller after your lift. Your scars will most likely be so minor that they remain hidden in the areola.

Recovery from your breast lift will take a few weeks, though you can return to work after just one week. Your breasts will remain swollen bruised for about two weeks, and you might experience numbness in your nipples, areola, and breast skin for about six weeks. It is very important to wear your surgical support bra all day and night for the first three or four days, then a soft support bra for the next three to four weeks. Overall, you can expect your full recovery period to last six to eight weeks.

Since a breast lift is equal parts art and science, it is important to select a plastic surgeon in tampa who has years of experience performing this procedure and helping women achieve the breasts they envision. At The Julian Institute of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Polecritti knows exactly how to reshape and lift the breasts to achieve a beautiful, sexy, youthful appearance. Call (352) 606-4754 to schedule your consultation now.