Tummy Tuck or Beltectomy?

Tummy Tuck or Beltectomy Tummy Tuck or Beltectomy?

A tummy tuck is a common and well-known enough procedure, but what is a beltectomy or belt lipectomy? When you need just abdominal tightening, a tummy tuck is right for you. But if you have other problem areas in the same zone, a belt lipectomy could be the answer you are looking for.

What parts of the body are contoured with a belt lipectomy?

The abdomen is not the only problem spot in that region of the body. The upper thighs, upper buttocks, and the hips can also have extra padding. Whereas a tummy tuck removes skin and tissue only from the abdomen, a belt lipectomy takes a “belt” of skin and tissue including the abdomen all the way around the body. 

If a belt lipectomy addresses so many problem areas, why do surgeons primarily recommend a tummy tuck?

The fact of the matter is that with a belt lipectomy, you are removing a larger amount of skin and tissue, which automatically increases the risk for surgical complications and postsurgical infections. It also increases your recovery time. If you are able to use other means for those areas and get only a tummy tuck, you’ll have a shorter and easier recovery.

Which is right for me?

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