Safe Body Piercing

Safe Body Piercing Tips for Safe Body Piercing

Body piercing is a common form of body art expression in our modern society, especially on the ears, nose, eyebrow, and belly button. However, since up to 20 percent of piercings become infected shortly after treatment, it is important to prepare for safe body piercing and seek piercing services from a qualified professional.

Consider Your Risk of Infection

Piercing does not require too much planning, so be sure not to receive a piercing until your body is free from infections and open wounds. In addition, make sure that you do not trust a poorly trained piercer or unsterile piercing environment, as both will significantly increase your risk of infection afterward.

Make Sure Your Piercing Matches Your Lifestyle

Some piercings may look tempting, but it’s important that you select a piercing that matches your lifestyle. A nose ring, for example, may not be acceptable in your place of employment. Removing piercings frequently, especially in the nose or eyebrow, can increase your chances of infection and lengthen healing time of newly pierced skin. If you play a contact sport, keep in mind that your piercing may be at risk of ripping or snagging. Settling on a piercing that jives with your lifestyle will prevent unnecessary pain and complications.

Only Use Proper Materials

Don’t be wooed by cheaper materials to save money; nickel-free pins, rings, and studs are the best choices to reduce the risk of allergic reactions and infections. Also keep in mind that some jewelry is simply too small, thin, or of poor quality. When a low-quality material is used in your piercing, you risk irritation or even rejection from the body.

Choose the Best Professional For the Job

Piercing pagodas are a dime a dozen, but you only want to trust your body piercing to a legitimate medical expert.  At The Julian Institute of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Marc Polecritti, D.O uses high-quality medical instruments and performs every procedure in a sterile environment. Since he completes all piercings in a medical facility, he can even provide local anesthesia to make the piercing pain-free! Whether you want to pierce your ears, belly button, eyebrow, nose, or other part of the body, The Julian Institute of Plastic Surgery is the best place to go in Spring Hill, Florida. Just call (352) 606-4754 to make your appointment today!