Eye, Brow, and Face Lift Procedures

Eye, Brow, and Face Lift Procedures Look Amazing with These Eye, Brow, and Face Lift Procedures

Wearing masks is one of the key protective measures used amid the COVID-19 pandemic. With the mask, the lower half of the face is completely covered. This draws emphasis to the eyes, brows, and upper face whenever you’re in a public place. If you want to enhance your appearance above the mask, we at The Julian Institute of Plastic Surgery can help. Our eye, brow, and face lift procedures will rejuvenate your upper face so that you glow both with and without a mask.  

Eyelid Lift

The eyelid lift procedure (AKA blepharoplasty) is a cosmetic procedure to make the eyes appear more bright and youthful. It addresses sagging and excess skin in the eye area that commonly appears with age.

During this procedure, excess skin in the eye area is removed, along with some fatty tissue beneath the eyelid. The exact procedure varies from patient to patient depending on the eye shape and cosmetic goals.

Brow Lift

During the aging process, the skin naturally loses much of its structure and lift. This causes the eyebrows to flatten and gradually sink to a lower position on the face. Sagging brows can give the eyes a tired or sad appearance. The brow lift procedure can fix this cosmetic concern by lifting the brows to a more youthful position on the face. At The Julian Institute of Plastic Surgery, we provide the endoscopic brow lift procedure to achieve a rejuvenated look of the brows without the need for a large incision. 


The facelift procedure, which is also called rhytidectomy, is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures available. By removing excess skin and tightening the facial muscles, this procedure will restore a youthful appearance of the face. 

There are many different methods for performing a facelift. Dr. Polecritti at The Julian Institute of Plastic Surgery uses the most reliable techniques for consistent, natural-looking results. For most patients, the deep facial muscle tissue is plicated, returning it to the former, youthful position. Excess deep tissue may also be removed for some patients. Then, the skin is repositioned, excess skin is removed, and sutures are used to close the incisions. 

The eyelid lift, brow lift, and facelift procedures may often be performed in a single surgical session to rejuvenate the appearance of the entire face. Contact us today to learn more about these effective cosmetic procedures.