Active Ingredients of Aesthetic Injectables

Most Common Aesthetic Injectables Active Ingredients of the Most Common Aesthetic Injectables

There are a lot of injectables out there that can change the way you look. How could anyone possibly know the right one to choose? When you start doing the research, you’ll quickly see that there are more differences between different types of the most common aesthetic injectables than you realized.

Hyaluronic acid

This is the most common type of dermal filler. The Juvederm line of cosmetic fillers all make use of hyaluronic acid as the main active ingredient. Of course, different fillers, even within the same brand, will have slight differences that make them better or worse for certain target areas and problems.

Calcium hydroxylapatite

Calcium hydroxylapatite is similar to hyaluronic acid, but it is biosynthesized. This means that it was not made using any animal parts or byproducts, which makes it extremely safe and a good option for those with allergies. This active ingredient is found in Radiesse products.


Did you know that Botox is actually a neurotoxin? It works by blocking the nerve signals to targeted facial muscles so that the lines caused by frequently repeated expressions are given a chance to smooth out. Of course, this means that you will be unable to make those facial expressions for several weeks. The same neurotoxin is used for Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and the new Jeuveu, but each brand has a slightly different formulation.

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