What You Need to Know About the Upper Arm Lift

Upper Arm Lift The butt and breasts get the most attention as trouble spots that women want to improve and enhance, but you might feel most self-conscious about a different and unexpected part of the body: the arms. Even with regular exercise and a healthy diet, the arms can be an incredibly difficult part of the body to tone and tighten. How long have you been hiding your arms in long-sleeve shirts and loose-fitting clothes? Do you dream of wearing tank tops with confidence?

All you need is an upper arm lift to stop hiding your arms for good! An upper arm lift, also known as a brachioplasty, is designed to lift and tighten loose arm skin and help you wave without the dreaded jiggle.

What Is a Brachioplasty?

The brachioplasty procedure is designed to improve the appearance of the under portion of your upper arms. By removing excess skin and fat from that area between the armpit and elbow, your arms can look more contoured and toned.

How Does the Arm Lift Procedure Work?

The arm lift is a plastic surgery operation that takes about one hour per arm. The procedure occurs under general anesthesia in outpatient care, so there is no need to stay overnight afterward.

If you undergo a brachioplasty, it will begin with your plastic surgeon marking your arms in order to determine how much skin should be removed and where incisions should be placed to keep scars out of sight.

During surgery, your plastic surgeon will remove excess skin and tissue in small sections, then use liposuction technology to smooth away lumps and bumps. After stitches are applied, the surgery is over and you are ready for recovery.

What Is Recovery Like?

The initial recovery from an arm lift is relatively quick. You can expect to return to work in one week and get back into your normal exercise routine in about one month. Most women notice their scars heal to the maximum extent after six months. If you have ever checked out before and after arm lift pictures, you will understand just how dramatically a brachioplasty can transform your appearance.

With the type of technology now available to enhance your body, there is no reason for you to live with the burden of arms that diminish your confidence and quality of life. At The Julian Institute of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Polecritti offers the arm lift procedure to help you proudly flaunt your arms in any shirt you want! Call (352) 606-4754 to schedule your consultation now.