Scar Revision

Noticeable scars from traumatic accidents or previous surgeries can be embarrassing. Scarring is a process by which the body fills in and repairs defects in the skin. The tension on the wound, infection, debris, rough handling of the skin edges, reaction to sutures, etc. all contribute to the amount of scar tissue produced. Certain areas of the body are also more prone to problematic scarring such as the sternum, shoulders and across joints. Keloid and hypertrophic scarring appear to have a propensity in some ethnic groups.

Fortunately there are several treatments available to improve the appearance:

  1. Topical silicone gel limits and remodels the collagen within and can significantly improve the appearance.
  2. If it is reddish in color and raised, laser treatment can be used to flatten the scar.
  3. Injection of a steroid solution can result in a less prominent and flatter scar.
  4. Surgical excision. In most cases, a secondary excision it using meticulous technique and precision can result in a much smaller, finer scar than the original one.

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