Quit Nicotine Before Surgery

Quit NicotineWhy You Should Quit Nicotine Before Surgery

Most women are not aware that nicotine consumption of any kind can cause complications during or after surgery. In fact, all patients who undergo any type of surgery should quit nicotine just before their surgery and during their recovery. The reason most people are not aware of this is that many surgeries become necessary out of the blue, with no planning time available.

Even so, there are a lot of reasons you should quit using nicotine before your cosmetic surgery. Note that we are talking about quitting nicotine consumption altogether. This means that you should not be using nicotine replacements, vapes, cigarettes, or any other products that contain nicotine. Even though some of the hazards are related to the carcinogens in the cigarette smoke or vape, using any type of nicotine can cause complications.

Anesthesia Concerns

Having any amount of nicotine in your system will affect anesthesia in a number of ways. Smokers often require more anesthesia to produce the same effect, which can throw off anesthesiologists. If you smoke or vape nicotine, it can also affect your lungs and heart, which are stressed during any surgical procedure. If you smoke or vape before your surgery, you are more likely to develop pneumonia or other respiratory conditions.

Slowed Healing

Your circulation or blood flow has an important role in your recovery. Proper circulation is necessary for the body to heal itself naturally. Nicotine restricts blood flow, causes fluctuations in blood pressure, and increases heart rate. All of these effects will slow the healing process, making your recovery take longer than average.

Prone to Infection

Your body’s ability to heal itself is closely tied to your immune system. If your body is working extra hard to heal itself, the immune system isn’t able to fight off infections as easily. Smokers are the most likely to develop a blood clot or infection after surgery.

What You Can Do

Before any elective surgery you should quit using nicotine of any kind and not resume until you are fully recovered. Quitting smoking even one day before a surgery can greatly decrease your risks of complications. However, most plastic surgeons require that you be at least two to four weeks nicotine free before scheduling a procedure. This means you may need to wait a few months if you are planning on using nicotine replacements to quit smoking or vaping.

If you need advice about how to quit smoking so you can schedule your cosmetic surgery, contact us today for assistance.

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