Neck Lift Vs. Submental Liposuction

Neck Lift Vs. Submental Liposuction There are several different options available for resolving a double chin or excess skin and fat on the neck. Two of the options that you have are a neck lift or submental liposuction. While both treatment options will get you results, there are some differences and benefits to each.

Neck Lift

A neck lift is a surgical procedure that is usually done on an outpatient basis. This entails the surgeon making incisions to remove the excess skin and fat from the neck, usually just below the chin. Because it is a surgical procedure, there is downtime and recovery of about two weeks. The biggest benefit of a neck lift is that it is a permanent surgical procedure, so your results are likely to last for many years, and the results are immediate.

Submental Liposuction

With submental liposuction, a very small incision is made in the area of the neck needing reduction, and a small tool is placed inside the incision. Fat is broken up and then removed through a vacuum. Submental liposuction has a much lower recovery time, with only five to seven days of downtime. However, results may not be fully realized for up to three months.

Main Differences

The main differences are:

  • A neck lift has a longer recovery time than submental liposuction.
  • Neck lift results are immediate, whereas submental liposuction results can take months.
  • A neck lift is a more permanent and immediate solution than submental liposuction.
  • A neck lift is more complex and, therefore, a more expensive procedure.

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