Pubis Fat Reduction

Pubis Fat Reduction The mons pubis is the hair-bearing area located over the pubic bone. The body’s natural aging process and weight fluctuations can cause the mons pubis to bulge. In some women, the mons pubis may protrude past the abdomen, which can compromise one’s self-confidence, especially in tight-fitting clothing. Mons pubis fat reduction is a plastic surgery procedure that slims down the mons pubis area. If you’re struggling with excess fat in this part of the body, mons pubis reduction can give you a slim, feminine silhouette and a major boost of confidence.   

What Does it Involve?

At the Julian Institute of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Polecritti uses liposuction to administer mons pubis fat reduction. This procedure is typically completed with local anesthesia to ensure that the patient remains calm and comfortable.

After the treatment area has been numbed, Dr. Polecritti makes small incisions in the mons pubis. Then, a cannula, which is a small tube, is inserted through the incision. Using vacuum suction, the excess fat cells are removed from the mons pubis and the incision is closed with sutures. 

When to Consider Mons Pubis Fat Reduction

You may want to consider this if:

  • A bulging mons pubis makes you feel uncomfortable in tight-fitting clothing. 

Tight-fitting clothing can emphasize excess fat in the mons pubis area. As a result, women may stop wearing their favorite, tight clothing to avoid feeling self-conscious. Mons pubis reduction can help you once again feel confident in tailored attire. 

  • You’ve undergone abdominal liposuction and the mons pubis is now prominent. 

Sometimes, after abdominal liposuction, women feel that excess fat in the mons pubis becomes more prominent. Mons pubis fat reduction can address this issue and create a slender silhouette. 

  • The aging process has given the pelvis area a masculine appearance. 

Aging has several effects on the body, and excess fat in the mons pubis is a common sign of aging among women. Many women feel that excess fat in this area gives them a masculine appearance. By slimming down the mons pubis, mons pubis reduction can give you back a sense of femininity. 

To learn if you’re a candidate for mons pubis fat reduction, schedule a consultation with Dr. Polecritti today!