Love Your Lashes

Love Your Lashes Love Your Lashes with Latisse

A diligent skincare routine isn’t the only thing that will help you maintain a youthful and vibrant appearance as you get older. Your eyelashes also have the power to rejuvenate and define your face. Given the growing popularity of eyelash extensions and tinting, it’s clear that women around the country want long, thick, beautiful eyelashes. But eyelash extensions and tinting require monthly appointments that are costly and time-consuming. The prescription medication Latisse is a far better option because it gives you the power to love your lashes and make them longer and thicker from home!  

Why Are Your Lashes Thinning?

Your skin isn’t the only thing to suffer the effects of aging—your eyelashes do, too. Thinning eyelashes are an inevitable part of the aging process, so you might not enjoy the same length and fullness at age 50 that you did at age 20.

Eyelashes grow in four stages: growth, resting, shedding, and regrowth. In your younger years, your lashes continually cycle through these stages without taking a rest, so your long, dark lashes are always on display. However, some eyelash follicles slow their growing process or even stop producing new lashes altogether as you age. Latisse is specially formulated to reverse this side effect of aging.

Latisse Grows Longer, Fuller, Darker Lashes

Latisse is a solution that you apply directly to your eyelashes (just like mascara!) to stimulate growth over a four month period. Simply apply the topical solution to your top lashes every night. After four weeks, you’ll see improved length, and after eight weeks you’ll notice more fullness and darkness as well.

These results will become enhanced after 12 weeks, with the most dramatic results displayed after 16 weeks. According to clinical trials, Latisse creates lashes that are 106 percent fuller, 18 percent darker, and 25 percent longer! Those are results you will definitely want to flaunt.

Are There Side Effects to Latisse?

Since the Latisse prescription is applied so close to the eyeball, certain precautions must be taken to avoid side effects. Only 4 percent of clinical patients experienced red and itchy eyes, which is the most common side effect. Other, less likely impacts include skin darkening, eye irritation, and darkened pigmentation in the iris. Just be sure to follow the application instructions closely so you can enjoy your longer, thicker lashes without any discomfort.

You cannot simply buy Latisse at the store with your mascara and concealer, so call (352) 606-4754 to make an appointment with Dr. Polecritti at The Julian Institute of Plastic Surgery in Spring Hill, Florida. Dr. Polecritti and his experienced team will help you begin a Latisse routine that restores the dark, beautiful eyelashes you want.