Juvederm Ultra XC and Voluma

Juvederm Ultra XC and Voluma Juvederm Ultra XC and Voluma Advantages and Uses

With all of the dermal fillers available, it can be very confusing trying to decide on the one that you want to try. Different injectable fillers are designed for different uses and target areas. Juvederm is the most trusted manufacturer of dermal fillers, and they have several different formulas depending on what you need to accomplish. 

We can help you choose the right dermal filler if you contact us for a consultation appointment. You can also review these two most popular Juvederm products – Juvederm Ultra XC and Voluma.

Ultra XC and Ultra Plus

If you have lines and wrinkles that you want to smooth out, Ultra XC or Juvederm Ultra Plus can help. If your lines are lighter and more delicate, such as crows feet, Juvederm Ultra is sufficient. But if your lines are deep and the result of loss of volume in your face, Ultra Plus is a thicker and more appropriate filler.

Although Ultra Plus does smooth out moderate to severe lines by filling in with volume, it isn’t going to replace severe volume loss. Some cases of volume loss in the face can result in sagging cheeks and deeper lines. If you have this kind of volume loss, you should use Voluma instead.

Juvederm Voluma

If you have a lot of volume loss in your face, you should consider a Voluma dermal injection. Voluma is specifically designed to replace lost volume in the lips and cheeks. If you have lost your youthful cheeks as you aged, Voluma can be a good intermediate solution. Even if the volume loss is due to weight loss, Voluma can help give you that youthful, plump look.

If you are interested in either of these dermal fillers or if you want to discuss what might be right for you, contact us today for your appointment.