Gynecomastia Excision

Gynecomastia is a condition that impacts boys and men of all ages. Triggered by hormonal imbalances, it is characterized by enlarged male breasts and can be difficult to cope with. Thankfully, gynecomastia excision is available as an effective treatment option for this condition. 

What Is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a condition involving the overdevelopment of male breasts. It’s caused by an imbalance of testosterone and estrogen in the body and can occur in boys and men at any age. That being said, it is the most prevalent in newborns, pubescent boys, and men entering their senior years. At these stages in life, boys and men experience natural hormonal fluctuations, which can trigger gynecomastia. 

It doesn’t have severe medical implications, but it can decrease the quality of life of men who suffer from it. Developed male breasts can cause lowered self-esteem and physical discomfort in the form of breast pain. There is a viable treatment option for men struggling to live comfortably with gynecomastia.

What Is Gynecomastia Excision?

Gynecomastia excision is also called male breast reduction. It’s a cosmetic surgical procedure used to amend developed male breasts, and it involves the surgical removal of excess breast gland tissue and/or skin. Excision may also be used to relocate the nipple or decrease the size of the areola. 

Liposuction may, in some circumstances, be used in combination with excision to treat the situation. In liposuction, incisions are made to accommodate a thin tube called a cannula. The cannula is then moved around within the treatment area to break up fatty tissue, and vacuum suction is used to remove it. 

After the skin and breast gland tissue has been removed and/or repositioned, the surgeon will close the incisions with sutures. A small tube may also be positioned beneath the skin to allow the treatment area to drain as it heals. 

What Are the Benefits?

Gynecomastia excision is a widely recommended treatment option and provides the following benefits:

  • Improvement to the size and shape of the breasts is visible immediately after treatment. 
  • Results from the excision will continue to improve as the treatment area heals. 
  • Results are long-lasting and usually permanent. 
  • Your surgeon will tailor your treatment plan according to your unique goals and needs. 

Gynecomastia excision is a reliable, lasting treatment option for boys and men. Contact us today to learn more about gynecomastia excision.