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When Is the Right Time to Consider Cosmetic Anti-Aging Skincare Treatments & Procedures?

Many women and men want to age gracefully or just plain want to change or improve their appearance as they age. Some will decide to undergo plastic surgery, take advantage of non-surgical cosmetic anti-aging skincare treatments or opt for other less invasive cosmetic anti-aging procedures and therapies.


So, when is it the right time to consider these impressive anti-aging treatments? There are no hard and set rules when it comes to anti-aging strategies, and each unique person will have different needs with regard to improving the appearance of their facial skin and other areas of the body.


In addition, there are many fantastic transformative plastic surgeries and non-surgical cosmetic procedures that can provide astonishing anti-aging results.


Let’s review recommended cosmetic treatment options by decade.

Anti-Aging Skincare Treatments and Surgical Options for Individuals Under Age 30


Most people who are under the age of 30 still retain a youthful and glowing complexion provided that they take good care of their skin through the years. Some skin types and complexion types age faster than others and may need earlier attention to slow down those unwanted aging signs. The key at this stage is great products, sunscreen, and occasional facials and peels to exfoliate the skin and keep it glowing.  Some women will choose to begin neurotoxins such as Botox to prevent the onset of wrinkles.  Breast Augmentations are popular at all ages but especially as part of a mommy makeover if you are finished having children. Lip injections are also one of the top trends today for any age.


Lighter Complexions, Eye Colors & Hair Shades Need Aggressive & Earlier Skincare Strategies to Combat Aging

In general, individuals with lighter skin and eye color tend to show the signs of aging faster than their darker-eyed and darker skin tone counterparts. Redheads and true blonds often are quick to get a sunburn and usually develop freckles, moles and age spots far sooner and more prevalently than dark-haired individuals do, but this too may vary.


This Is the Time to Develop Smart Anti-Aging Skincare Habits


Younger adults should not neglect to develop and practice smart anti-aging skincare habits just because they still look young and beautiful. It is never too early to begin a proper skin care regimen that is recommended for your skin type. The experts at Julian Institute of Plastic Surgery can consult with you and help develop a custom program to incorporate medical-grade skin care products and sunscreens such as those from ZO skin health to keep you on track. 


Things to consider before age 30, and any age really, include:

  • Get a professional skincare assessment
  • Consider regular spa facials and/or other cosmetic anti-aging skin care treatments designed for your skin type
  • Take steps to avoid too much sun exposure – wearing sunscreen religiously, donning hats, using dark lens sunglasses, and staying in the shade
  • Use the right skincare and beauty products meant for your skin type
  • Be gentle with facial skin cleansing
  • Rinse hair after swimming in chlorine
  • Use the right type of moisturizer for the season and skin type
  • Eat right, exercise often, and get enough sleep. These changes are key to staying fit and looking younger
  • Avoid smoking or excessive intake of alcoholic drinks – dries out skin and causes premature wrinkling
  • Use relaxation and stress-relieving techniques

Tips for Keeping Your Skin Youthful-Looking and Glowing Over Age 40


Age 40 is the decade where people begin to notice some telltale aging signs like, crow’s feet around the eyes, deeper forehead wrinkles, development of skin problems, and early menopause may interfere causing a variety of symptoms.


This is the decade to start really being dedicated to good skincare routines if you haven’t started already. It is important to take steps to remedy any noticeable skin damage. Women who have had children might begin to notice that their breasts begin to sag and may lose some of their volume. This might be the time to undergo a breast lift, reduction, or augmentation. Mommy makeovers are extremely popular and help you to regain your pre-baby body.  


The eye area is the first place to show aging symptoms. Some individuals can benefit from a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to fix droopy lids making them look younger and more refreshed. Tummy tucks, body contouring surgeries, non-surgical anti-aging skincare treatments, and injectables such as Botox and Fillers are beneficial as you age.  If you start in your 40’s you can gradually make changes and avoid that “done” look.  


Common Age Revealing Issues for People Over Age 50


Most women begin menopause before or around age 50. Staying dedicated to healthy lifestyle choices, getting better quality sleep, and taking time to nourish the skin, decrease overall stress, and eat well are key to looking fantastic during these years.


Some anti-aging procedures popular with the over 50 include brow lifts or facelifts, lower facelifts, and neck lifts.  Men also opt for Botox for wrinkles, and Kybella to reduce submental fat (double chin). Top surgical procedures to consider are a Blepharoplasty, neck lift or male breast reduction(Gynecomastia)


Most people benefit from healthy changes in their diets, exercise, and sleep routines during this decade but it can only do so much. 


Mature Skincare & Cosmetic Solutions for Those Aged 60 & Above


Switching to moisture-infused skincare products, adding serums, and opting for regular facials, chemical peels and other cosmetic anti-aging skin care treatments are almost mandatory to look and feel younger after age 60. Staying on trend with your hair color, makeup, and fashion can also make you feel and look younger but the benefits of a facelift or neck lift over 60 cannot be denied.  They say you are only as old as you feel but if you are vibrant and healthy, you want to look that way on the outside too.  

Final Thoughts


In conclusion, people of all ages will benefit from a good skincare routine designed especially for their unique skin type and problem areas. Individuals should pay attention to their skin when outdoors by avoiding too much sun exposure and likewise should wear sunscreen and protective clothing religiously. Undergoing cosmetic anti-aging skin care treatments and other surgical and non-surgical anti-aging procedures can help keep you looking younger and feeling your best no matter your biological age.


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