Combining Butt Lift and Thigh Lift

Butt Lift and Thigh Lift Aging and gravity do their work in many unflattering ways. Some people find that their buttocks begins to sag, or perhaps it never was as full as you would like. Aging and weight changes can also cause your thighs to have bulges and excess skin that is difficult to tone. The way your jeans and slacks fit depend on the shape and firmness of your butt and thighs. For a total transformation, combining a butt lift with a thigh lift is the best option.

The Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift uses a combination of liposuction and injections to give the butt a more pleasing shape and firmness. First, fat is removed with liposuction from the hips, flanks, and abdomen, sculpting those areas and removing excess fat. The fat is then filtered so that only healthy fat cells are injected into the butt to give it more volume and firmness. A butt lift is a good option for those who have always had a flat butt, or for those who have noticed gravity doing its work.

The Thigh Lift

A thigh lift is very similar to a butt lift. In a thigh lift procedure, excess skin and fat is removed to sculpt the thighs, making them smooth and firm. A thigh lift is great if you have recently lost a lot of weight or had fluctuating weight, causing excess skin and fat to flab on the thighs. You will be able to wear short skirts and shorts with confidence after a thigh lift.

Combining a Thigh and Butt Lift

When you are combining the two, you are giving your lower body a total transformation. You will notice the difference right away in how your clothing fits and looks. If you want to give yourself the perfect figure in the perfect pair of jeans, now is the time to schedule your appointment for a butt lift and thigh lift. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your consultation.