Breast Lift with a Breast Reduction

Breast Lift with Breast Reduction Having a breast reduction is an important decision, but have you considered all the factors involved? Having breast reduction alone may help relieve pain and tension in the back and shoulders, but it will not give you a slimmer, more attractive look. In order to get the best results, breast reduction should be accompanied by a breast lift. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is a Breast Reduction?

A breast reduction is removal of skin and tissue to make the breast smaller. The procedure alone does not address such things as sagging or nipple placement. When done alone, breast reduction can result in breasts that are not perky. It can also result in nipples being lower than desired. This is why a breast lift is important.

What Is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift tightens the skin and tissues of the breast to remove sagging and make breasts perky. It can also involve moving the nipple to a more natural frontal position if it was lower than desired. A breast lift done with your breast reduction will result in smaller, perkier breasts that look great and are very comfortable.

If you are interested in breast reduction for appearance or comfort reasons, contact us today for a consultation. We always do a breast lift with breast reduction surgery so you get the best look possible for your breasts. Contact us today for an appointment.