Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation

Breast Lift and Breast AugmentationIf you feel dissatisfied with the shape, feel, and appearance of your breasts, you aren’t alone. Women of all ages across the country feel frustrated by the effects that age, pregnancy, and weight loss have had on their figures. Fortunately, plastic surgery procedures like the breast lift and breast augmentation are available to quickly and easily transform your breasts to match the vision in your head. It’s important to understand the differences between breast lift and breast augmentation in order to pursue the procedure that will best meet your exact needs and boost your confidence in your body image once again.

Breast Augmentation: For Bigger, Bolder Breasts

Breast augmentation is the procedure used to make your breasts bigger. Implants are placed to enhance the size of your bust to your specifications. This is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the country, and it is the perfect choice if you crave larger, more noticeable breasts. Every breast augmentation surgery is unique since you have many choices regarding your implant type, implant placement location, and surgical incision location. Your plastic surgeon will help you determine which combination of options will deliver the results that you want.

Breast Lift: Reviving Your Perkiness

It’s no secret that breasts become deflated and droopy over time. This is officially known as breast ptosis caused by loss of breast volume. A breast lift combats ptosis by lifting and reshaping the breasts to help them look perky once again. It is important to note that a breast lift does not add size your your breasts like an augmentation. In fact, a breast lift might even decrease your breast size slightly since your plastic surgeon will remove excess skin as he lifts the breasts into their new position.

What About Both?

More and more women are opting for the breast augmentation/lift combination. This procedure adds size to the breasts using implants while simultaneously lifting them to eliminate signs of droopiness. This blend of a more youthful breast position with increased volume creates a youthful and sensual appearance that you will love.

At The Julian Institute of Plastic Surgery in Spring Hill, Florida, Dr. Marc Polecritti uses cutting-edge surgical procedures and techniques in order to meet and exceed your breast augmentation and breast lift expectations. You don’t need to live with small or sagging breasts another minute. Call (352) 606-4754 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Polecritti today!

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