A Mommy Makeover? How Long

A Mommy Makeover? How Long Do I Have To Wait?

A Mommy Makeover

Answer: A mommy makeover How long is a frequently used term to describe several procedures commonly requested by new mommies. These typically include a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), breast lift (mastopexy) or breast implants (augmentation), and liposuction. Each person rebounds differently after childbirth and therefore the procedures chosen differ for each person. Inmost cases, several of these procedures can be performed at the same time. A mommy makeover should only be done after that individual no longer plans to have more children. A minimum of 6 months after childbirth is usually enough time for the abdominal tissues to have healed and contract. However, this can vary and if weight and body contour is still changing, more time should be given. If the mom is breast feeding, I recommend waiting until that is concluded and the breasts are no longer producing milk as only after this will the new breast size, position be able to be determined.