Advantages and Benefits of Belt Lipectomy

Benefits of a Belt Lipectomy Advantages and Benefits of a Belt Lipectomy

If you have recently undergone a weight loss transformation, it is possible that your body doesn’t look like you thought it would. Due to the stretching and growth of new skin as you gain weight, it is likely that you will have some excess skin left behind after extreme weight loss. This excess skin will not be eliminated by diet or exercise. A belt lipectomy is one procedure that could help. Here’s what you need to know.

Belt Lipectomy Over Tummy Tuck

There are some people who think that a tummy tuck will solve their problem of excess skin after weight loss, but in reality this only solves part of the problem. A tummy tuck will only address the abdomen, while excess skin in the lower body usually wraps around the flanks and back as well. A belt lipectomy is a procedure in which a belt of excess skin is taken wrapping all the way around the lower body to eliminate the unwanted skin entirely.

Belt Lipectomy Over Liposuction

A belt lipectomy also has some benefits and advantages over liposuction. Liposuction is a procedure that breaks up and eliminates excess fat cells from the body. Unfortunately, the problem that most people face with a large amount of weight loss is that they have burned the fat through diet and exercise, and excess skin is the problem. Even if you have some excess fat still in the area, a belt lipectomy can remove the excess fat along with the excess skin.

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