Effective Tattoo Removal Methods

Effective Tattoo Removal Methods

Different people get tattoos for various reasons. However, those reasons might change over time and motivate you to remove the ink. Initially, people considered tattoos permanent. However, today you can easily remove and diminish their appearance safely and effectively, thanks to advancements in technology for tattoo removal methods

Why you should have Tattoo Removal

You can decide to get rid of the ink for different reasons. Firstly, it can remind you of a bad relationship or unpleasant memory, and removing it allows you to move on. Secondly, tattoos can sag or distort and become aesthetically unpleasant.

You can also undergo the procedure if the ink triggers an allergic reaction. In some cases, having the ink disqualifies you for a particular position or role. Removing them might open more doors or employment opportunities for you.

How Tattoo Removal Works

Laser removal, surgical excision, and dermabrasion are the three primary ways of removing ink.

Laser Removal

Tattoo Laser Removal Tattoo Removal Methods

Today, most cosmetic surgeons use lasers to remove the ink suspended on their patients’ skin. The human immune system cannot remove these ink particles because they are too big. The highly concentrated light waves in this method target the ink particles and break them into smaller pieces that the immune system can clear away easily.

You require more than one laser treatment session for complete ink removal. The number of sessions required for the procedure depends on the tattoo’s size, color, and design. Specialists advise patients to have six weeks in between each session. This duration allows open wounds to heal and gives your body adequate time to absorb the ink.


This ink removal technique is surgical. It involves using a medical grinding tool to remove the outer layers of the patient’s skin containing the ink particles. This method is painful, hence performed with a local, regional or general anesthetic.

It also causes an open wound that takes approximately 10 days to heal. You might require more than one dermabrasion session to remove the ink. Ensure that you work with a well-trained physician during this procedure.

Surgical Excision

This procedure involves cutting out the entire skin containing the ink and then bringing together and closing the skin surrounding the cut area. It is applicable for small sizes. The dermatologist covers the surgical site with post-procedure bandages to control bleeding and protect the area from infections.

Healing from these three procedures takes time. You might also experience various side effects, such as swelling, redness, and tenderness. In most cases, these reactions end within a week.

You should make several considerations like the cost, safety, and limitations when choosing the best method to get rid of your ink.


The cost of eliminating the ink depends on its size, treatment method involved, number of sessions required, and the institution offering the service.


Before undergoing the ink removal procedure, it is important to know that it can be a slow and uncomfortable process, especially if it is quite invasive or requires more than 10 sessions. Additionally, some colors fade better than others. Pregnant women should avoid laser treatment because it might be risky for the unborn baby.


Your safety during this procedure depends on your current health condition and the experience and qualification of the dermatologist. Removing the ink might be risky if you have a preexisting skin condition or an illness that affects your skin. Ensure that you work with a person who has met the skill and training standards.

Laser treatment is less invasive and more comfortable and effective than the other two methods. It requires less time and allows you to return to your daily schedule within a few minutes or hours. During this procedure, you can take some topical numbing medications to prevent the pain.

Having an initial consultation is important. During this session, the dermatologist showcases their expertise and establishes rapport with you to gain your trust. It is also the right time for you to ask questions and clarify your concerns before undergoing the procedure.

The reasons people decide to undergo tattoo removal procedures vary from getting over a painful experience to getting rid of a blurred ink. Whatever your reason schedule an appointment with us today to discuss the safest removal procedure for your tattoo and the cost.